Mary Curry Narayan, PhD, RN, HHCNS-BC, CTN-A

Home Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

Transcultural Nurse Specialist

Nursing Education Consultant



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Dr. Narayan has over 40 years of home health and cross-cultural nursing experience. She has served as a clinician, educator, and consultant. Presently conducting research, her research interests include patient-centered care, culture-sensitive care, nursing excellence, and home-based nursing standards internationally. She has presented about home health and cross-cultural healthcare topics at multiple conferences nationally and internationally.  has multiple publications including book chapters, research papers, peer-reviewed articles, and CEU courses on these topics. She was a co-founder and is currently serving on the Advisory Council of the International Home Care Nurses Organization.  She can be reached at 571-242-4193 or at

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Selected Publications

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  • Narayan, M. C., Mallinson, R. K. (2022). A grounded theory study of home health nurses’ journey towards culture-sensitive/patient-centered skills. Home Health Care Management and Practice. 34(1), 24-34.
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